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Genee Vision Elite 200W

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Genee Vision Elite 200W

The new Genee Vision Wireless range is designed from the ground up to revolutionise today’s learning environments and reduce cable clutter on a teacher’s desk. With its simple connect and play core, the Genee Vision Wireless is the perfect hands on portable visualiser for use in all education and business environments. With Genee Visoin Visualisers you can make a strong impact on your audience, adding visual content to enhance your presentation by showing your content on a larger scale – in fine detail.

The new Genee Vision Wireless adheres to the high quality of the Genee Vision range with added flexibility and manoeuvrability removing the need for cables and giving more classroom options to teachers and students. .

The Genee Vision Wireless Elite allows you to connect up to 60 Visualisers together which can be controlled with our powerful software. This allows the teacher to place a visualiser on each student’s desk and instantly share their work to class.

The Genee Wireless Elite 200W also has built in audience response system which student can answer question which have been pre-set by the teacher.

GeneeSKU: VSRW90050

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8 MP
Camera Rotation
Digital Zoom
Software Controlled
Auto Focus
720p and 1080p (30 Frames)
Software Controlled
Black and White Colour Selection
Software Controlled
Image Capture
Software Controlled
Image Split
Software Controlled
Image Title
Software Controlled
Image Rotate
Software Controlled
Software Controlled
Image Save and Recall
Saved to PC
20 Meters
Battery Life
6 Hours
Recharge Time
5 Hours
Audience Response System
Collaborative Connectivity
Yes - Requires Multi Server
Dimensions (W x D x H)
470 x 145 x 320mm
Built-in Lights
Simple Connectivity
Setting up couldn’t be simpler; plug in your wifi dongle and enter your password and you are ready to go!
Bespoke Software
Easy to use, powerful and created to be an all in one software for you to use with the Visualisers
Eliminate Cables
Clutter free environment, no cables are necessary to use only when you need to charge.
Student Assesment
You’ve executed your presentation and you’ve handed out a copy of your slides, but what about the content you demonstrated? Not to worry, Genee Visualisers can capture still images and video, the complete summation of your presentation can be used to play back for students to review.

Genee Vision Visualisers are used in education, training, conferences, video conferencing and product presentations. Here are a few applications of a visualiser.


  • Show a science experiment demonstration.
  • Annotate over images and text, and enlarge small text.
  • Have pupils demonstrate methods used in their work.
  • Display paintings, artefacts or photographs are too delicate to pass around the classroom.
  • Praise work immediately by presenting it on the Visualiser and annotating their achievements.

Public Sector

  • The Visualiser can be used in telemedicine, or in training to show an x-ray to large or small groups.
  • The police, fire department and network rail can all perform compelling workshops by showing equipment and props.
  • Do away with time handing out media and prepping, which allows you to perform more workshops, training sessions and support programs.


  • Reduce preparation times for meeting by not having to photocopy.
  • Clearly demonstrate your products smallest details to all of your co-workers or employees all at the same time using the powerful zoom feature.
  • Demonstrate your products killer applications and benefits on a large display at exhibits and shows.
  • Keep your latest high-tech gadget or precious jewellery safe behind the counter while displaying the aesthetic value or functionality.

The possibilities are endless. It’s often said that people learn better interactively. Audiences prefer to be involved rather than be just watching endless static presentations. The ability to see, understand and question are key attributes in the learning process.

Genee Vision Wireless Visualiser Product Sheet
What our customers say

We were looking to replace one of our classroom Smart Boards with a touchscreen smart TV. We were contacted by Interactive Education who offered us a demonstration of their product based on our requirement. Within a short while we received a comprehensive on-site demonstration with which we were very satisfied with.

We placed an order for a 65" screen. Arrangements for the installation were made and it took place shortly after we placed the order. The installation itself was faultless. Very helpful engineers who did a great job.

Roo Aiken - Sheredes Primary School

We have worked with Interactive Education the past few years to source Genee Touch Screens for our primary academy. It is increasingly difficult for schools to secure effective resources and tools from our limited budgets. Interactive Education have provided consistent value for money, and their service has been consistently good as well. The Genee screens themselves are reliable and easy to use, and we would be happy to recommend both the screens and Interactive Education to other schools.

Amy Willson - Harriers Banbury Academy