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G-Touch 4K Plus Range 75" Education and Corporate

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G-Touch 4K Plus Range 75" Education and Corporate

G-Touch 4K Plus offers the highest quality visual experience to state-of-the-art facilities. The G-Touch 4K Plus touchscreens are a superb addition to presentation environments. All screens are anti-glare, anti-reflective and anti-friction.

Whether you are using the screens for display, presentation or to deliver information, the G-Touch 4K Plus range enhances the quality of your material.

4K technology provides the highest quality images available and provides users with ultra-high definition quality. The new screen has been designed with the future in mind, offering useful tools that allow teachers to deliver engaging lessons. Buttons and connection ports are now front facing and side facing, allowing devices to be connected through a range of multiple inputs, ideal for a variation between permanent and temporary teaching staff.

With its sleek presentation display, 20 point touch and front facing speakers the G-Touch 4K screen comes complete with an Android operating system and the ability to download apps from the Genee App Store. Working alongside the teacher as a revolutionary addition to any school, college or university environment, the G-Touch 4K encourages student and staff interaction through collaborative learning.  

 When bringing video materials into your lesson, it is important to have crystal-clear audio. With the front facing speakers, the G-Touch 4K is ideal for multimedia presentations so quality of sound does not get muffled or lost.

 Looking for more ways to bring your dynamic lessons to life?

Simply connect a Genee Vision visualiser to the touch screen and bring in a live video feed to annotate over. Compare and contrast plant life with creepy crawlies or conduct a complete science experiment, the options are limitless! 

GeneeSKU: TOU090020

Title: G-Touch 4K Plus Range 75" Supply Only
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Display Area
1650 x 973mm
Display Ratio
3840 x 2160
Display Colours
Response Time
Viewing Angle
370 cd/m2
Touchscreen Glass
Tempered glass; Transparency: >88%; Surface Hardness: >H7
Speaker output power
15W x 2
Power consumption
Maximum <350W Standby Mode ≤0.5W
Touch Surface
New Generation Anti-glare glass
Touch Sensor
Touch Point
20 Point Touch
Writing tools
Pen, Stylus or Finger
Front Interface Inputs
HDMI 1.4 x 1, USB x 1, USB x 2,
AV Inputs
HDMI 2.0/1.4 x 3, DP x 1 USB x 4
AV Outputs
HDMI out x 1, Line Out x 1, SPDIF out
USB 2.0 x 1, USB 2.0 Embedded x 1, RS232 x 1, RJ45 x 2, USB 3.0 x 1, OPS Slot x 1
Supported Media Formats
Image: JPEG, BMP, PNG Video: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, H.265, MOV, MJPEG, FLV (Supports 1080P, 4K HD Decoding) Audio: MP3, M4A, (AAC)
Cursor Speed
100 Points
Positioning accuracy
Communication Interface
Transmission Range
Front/side I/O port
Android system
Speaker position
Outline Dimension (without wall mount bracket thickness)
1768 x 1066 x 114mm
Packing Dimension
1923 x 1215 x 280mm
Net Weight
Gross Weight
OPS Slot
Software Provided
Project Flow (Opt-Out available), SPARK II, Genee App Store
Detachable IR frame
Floating Toolbar
Available on the screen at all times without a gesture needed. Use over any source that you choose.
New Interface
New, dynamic, clean, powerful and easy to use Genee interface; 65”, 75”, 86” 4K panels.
The new screen now has an increased 20 point IR touch rather than it’s predecessor of 10 point IR touch
Thinner bezel with a far sleeker appreance whilst still maintaining the functionailty of the front facing speakers. The thinner bezel also faciliates the touch to be more sensitive.
  • Nurseries
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Higher Education
  • Corporate

Why move away from projectors?

All G-Touch screens are anti-glare and are visible in any environment, including brightly lit classrooms. Moving away from projectors, there is no need to worry about closing the curtains, casting shadows onto the display area or having to re-calibrate the technology. The LED technology itself has proved to be a more energy efficient and cost saving alternative to projectors in addition to having no need for replacement lamps.

Genee 4K Plus Product Sheet
What our customers say

We were looking to replace one of our classroom Smart Boards with a touchscreen smart TV. We were contacted by Interactive Education who offered us a demonstration of their product based on our requirement. Within a short while we received a comprehensive on-site demonstration with which we were very satisfied with.

We placed an order for a 65" screen. Arrangements for the installation were made and it took place shortly after we placed the order. The installation itself was faultless. Very helpful engineers who did a great job.

Roo Aiken - Sheredes Primary School

We have worked with Interactive Education the past few years to source Genee Touch Screens for our primary academy. It is increasingly difficult for schools to secure effective resources and tools from our limited budgets. Interactive Education have provided consistent value for money, and their service has been consistently good as well. The Genee screens themselves are reliable and easy to use, and we would be happy to recommend both the screens and Interactive Education to other schools.

Amy Willson - Harriers Banbury Academy