Being in control of your procurement - Trade Shows, Demonstrations and Trials

We always want to be in control as we purchase our wares, and as consumers we hold the power over own purchases now more than ever. Nobody wants to be forced into a sale and nobody wants to be talked into an investment without knowing what they’re buying. A hands-on approach is the best method when considering a purchase and this is where demonstrations, trade exhibitions and trial periods are quite essential. After all, transparency is key.

Within the education space alone, trade shows are filtered throughout the year and across the UK. From small events to bigger behemoths, education trade shows are very accessible for schools and education establishments. In a new Covid-world where things have changed, somewhat, the core essence remains. Some of the bigger named shows were halted, for safety reasons, and now as we phase back to a semblance of normality, the shows are finding their own path once again. The big benefit of onsite trade shows is to give a (literal) platform for face-to-face discussion and for consumers to try out what’s new. Much of the communication barriers are lowered at the shows and consumers and suppliers get the chance to have open conversations in a more unhindered environment, putting faces to voices and identity to names.

The popular education based classroom solutions fitted in schools include: interactive touch screens, visualiser document cameras, and interactive touch tables – among many others. At the shows, consumers can fully interact with the technology that, before this point, is usually communicated via telephone conversations, email exchange and PDFs (with the occasional website visit). Being hands-on with the technology at trade shows is the perfect way to, not only interact with the product but also to, compare with other similar technology amongst the competition. Here, the consumer is in full control.

However, not everyone can attend trade shows as they are not always feasible, depending on location and costs. With that in mind, there is always the option to have a (kind of) trade show experience at your very own establishment. Having suppliers visit a school is a huge and important step in the sales journey. One of the biggest benefits to this, leaving the products aside for now, is time. Having a bespoke presentation of the required product(s) within an allocated time presents more opportunities for the consumer to further understand the supplier and their strengths. It can be argued that having confidence and trust in the supplier is equally as important as, if not more than, the product. Consumers would be good to ask about Service Level Agreements and examples of other schools or clients that the supplier works with. With after-sales care and dedicated account management on the horizon, establishing a positive relationship from the beginning is key. All of this can be identified, or at least discussed, with more time available at on-site presentations.

Just like trade shows, on-site presentations open the door for consumers to have a look and play with the required technology with an added bonus; being able to conceptualise how the product will be suited within the environment. During on-site visits, the suppliers can also conduct site surveys around the school premises, to ensure the implementation of technology is practical, sound and safe. From here, the supplier can also offer recommendations to the school, based on the environment. Therefore, the school can benefit from a bespoke solution or sales package.

The third avenue, as mentioned, is a no-obligation trial period. In giving schools the freedom to play and interact with the technology in their own time and environment, a trial period is ideal. Trial periods last for a duration of time agreed between supplier and school and can be accompanied with an on-site demonstration to get the ball rolling. If schools are unsure of how the technology will be received by peers and teaching staff, we always recommend considering a trial phase to try out the desired equipment.

In summary, when researching into or procuring new classroom solutions, hold the power of your purchase and speak with suppliers about trade shows, on-site demonstrations and trial periods to remain more informed about the technology and how best it fits within your own school environment.

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