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Darts Maths

Darts Maths is an interactive educational software, which helps children to acquire basic mathematical knowledge and develop their abilities, through a digital dartboard.

The aim of this programme is to encourage interactive learning in a practical and (stress-) free educational environment. Applicable to use with children in different stages of development. It does not differentiate, provides equal opportunities, focuses on unique and individual improvement.

Students do not experience failure, as the programme does not include any kind of evaluation. Problems and tasks can be re-done, difficulty levels are variable, which provides new challenges consecutively for students.

Problems with traditional lessons:

  • Difficult 
  • Boring
  • Results in resistance
  • Inattention appears
  • Model of adequacy/ inadequacy

Resolutions provided by Darts Maths:

  • Playful and Smple 
  • Entertaining 
  • Entirely Interactive, involves the children 
  • Channels attenton and focus 
  • Does not evaluate

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6 different problem types, each with infinite setting options

Infinite number of chances for practicing

Classroom management function: easier preparation for teachers

Creating papers: option for pre-prepared papers, even for deadline

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What our customers say

We were looking to replace one of our classroom Smart Boards with a touchscreen smart TV. We were contacted by Interactive Education who offered us a demonstration of their product based on our requirement. Within a short while we received a comprehensive on-site demonstration with which we were very satisfied with.

We placed an order for a 65" screen. Arrangements for the installation were made and it took place shortly after we placed the order. The installation itself was faultless. Very helpful engineers who did a great job.

Roo Aiken - Sheredes Primary School

We have worked with Interactive Education the past few years to source Genee Touch Screens for our primary academy. It is increasingly difficult for schools to secure effective resources and tools from our limited budgets. Interactive Education have provided consistent value for money, and their service has been consistently good as well. The Genee screens themselves are reliable and easy to use, and we would be happy to recommend both the screens and Interactive Education to other schools.

Amy Willson - Harriers Banbury Academy