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Create A Teacher-Controlled Safe Environment For Pupils!

How can teachers ensure that students are able to interact with touch screen technology in the classroom, without subsequently having to worry about their electronic safety?
With G-Safe, teachers can restrict access to websites, prevent unauthorised access to files and the network and ensure that students do not have access to PC settings.

G-Safe is a Windows based app that lets teachers take control of the technology in their classroom. G-Safe allows access to a device without concern about malicious or accidental misuse of ICT systems. All settings are secured behind a PIN Code, leaving teachers free to let children work on the device without supervision. In this secure environment the teacher has the power to give students permission to only access settings or websites that the teacher authorises them to – and even lets the teacher refine what is permitted by their IT administrator.

For example, in a scenario where the teacher wants pupils to search for information on a topic just using certain websites they could add these to the whitelist for the duration of that lesson. G-Safe ensures that students only get access to the online content that the teacher wants them to.Access to many other settings – such as volume control, managing apps and so on – are also restricted.

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What our customers say

We were looking to replace one of our classroom Smart Boards with a touchscreen smart TV. We were contacted by Interactive Education who offered us a demonstration of their product based on our requirement. Within a short while we received a comprehensive on-site demonstration with which we were very satisfied with.

We placed an order for a 65" screen. Arrangements for the installation were made and it took place shortly after we placed the order. The installation itself was faultless. Very helpful engineers who did a great job.

Roo Aiken - Sheredes Primary School

We have worked with Interactive Education the past few years to source Genee Touch Screens for our primary academy. It is increasingly difficult for schools to secure effective resources and tools from our limited budgets. Interactive Education have provided consistent value for money, and their service has been consistently good as well. The Genee screens themselves are reliable and easy to use, and we would be happy to recommend both the screens and Interactive Education to other schools.

Amy Willson - Harriers Banbury Academy