Refurbished - Genee Scope Portable digital microscope (Grade B)

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The Genee Scope is a NEW portable digital microscope for inside, and outside (with a portable laptop). It has a USB connection so you can magnify, capture and modify your images. This microscope has almost no moving parts and is robustly housed in a tough plastic case ensuring high durability and minimum cleaning requirements. Powered by USB from the PC/Laptop the Genee Scope uses low energy, making it an environmental friendly, green 21st century solution.

Benefits of using the Genee Scope

• Capture dynamic presentation resources

• Magnify, capture and modify various images

• Assess and record employee strengths and weaknesses

• Use inside and outside the boardroom or training room

• Environmentally friendly

• Removable camera head offers complete flexibility

• Suitable for sharing amongst participants with no power issues

• Visually impaired participants can view objects under the microscope with ease

• Spacer ring

• Slide holder

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