How do you create a comfortable learning environment?

Having a comfortable environment for students in the classroom is one of the most important things when it comes to teaching. We know how difficult it can be to make sure every student is comfortable and happy in their classroom environment. So, if you want to find out more on how you can achieve this, keep reading!

Having your classroom setup correctly can have a major impact when creating a comfortable teaching environment. Here are some great layouts which you can incorporate in your classroom. 

Once your classroom is set up you need to allow students to be openly expressive and encourage others is a big thing in the classroom. Using interactive educational software is an exceptional tool to help with encourage this in a classroom.  We have picked out our favourite software which we have tested ourselves.  

Darts Maths is an interactive educational software, which helps children to acquire basic mathematical knowledge and develop their abilities, through a digital dartboard. The aim of this programme is to encourage interactive learning in a practical and stress-free educational environment. Applicable to use with children in different stages of development; it does not differentiate, provides equal opportunities and focuses on unique and individual improvement. Students do not experience failure, as the programme does not include any kind of evaluation. Problems and tasks can be re-done and difficulty levels are variable, which provides new challenges consecutively for students.

Another piece of software is Learn Hub. Having these educational software platforms is vital in a comfortable classroom environment as it encourages students to keep trying and even work with each other to get the best out of them - without making it a competition.

Designed specifically around multi-user gamification, Learn-Hub is a cloud-based software that includes nine fully adaptable learning activities. Activities are designed for Early Years & Primary students and can be customised and configured by the teacher to meet any level or topic of work. All activities are fully customisable with a simple interface to allow teachers to take full control. Teachers can also save, print and record student results. Up to 4 students at the same time can utilise the activities competitively and when used on an interactive screen (such as G-Touch® Tables) the full multi-touch capabilities are revealed.

Although this may be something that can be looked over, lighting is a key factor in making classrooms comfortable for student. Poor quality of electrical lighting causes headaches and impairs visual performance - our Emerald Range helps with this as no matter what angle you are looking at the screen from, you can see the screen clearly and with no shadows or reflections.

Optical bonding is a new technology that allows for better viewing angles, higher brightness and shatter proof glass! When in a classroom, teachers usually have the worst viewing angles as they are standing next to the touch screen, making it difficult to see what is being displayed. With the new G-Touch® Emerald this is no longer an issue as you can still see the display at a wider viewing angle, as well as in direct sunlight. The Blue light filter decreases the amount of blue light displayed on the screen of the device. This can help reduce digital eye strain, which will make your eyes feel less tired by the end of the day..  

Celebrate students work in different ways. Sharing other student’s work can help make them more comfortable in the classroom as they can learn and bounce ideas off of each other.

Class sizes are the biggest they have ever been and it essential for teachers to ensure all students are able to get involved and getting the same amount of attention and help they need. 

Using Genee Vision Visualisers allows teachers to share worksheets, demonstrations and experiments to a whole class.  Thus, making students feel more comfortable as they are not missing out on any teaching or struggling to see. The Genee Vision Visualiser also come with Genee Toolbar which allows teachers to take pictures, annotate, record and much more.  

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