How to maximise your budget in 2021!

How do you maximise your 2021 budget?

Tackling your schools technology strategy might not seem like the most important goal in 2021,but, thinking about your investments and framework isvitalif you want tosupport and provide the best possible education for your students.

Thats why wehaveput together this blog for you, outlining all you can doto ensure the best for your budget!   

If your ICT strategyis all about having the latest technology, then you will be inundated with expensive,unnecessary equipment. To save money in the long-term for things you really do need,then you need to beinvesting in the most suitable,upgradeable, long-lasting technologies.   

You first need to think about what you want to achievethat academic year and the years after too!Howwould youlike your classroom to look like and what are the necessary devices needed? Once you have produced an outline for the things youneed, then you need to think about how you are going to achieve these goals. Having a reseller thatcan help find an all-in-one solution for you and your school, means less stress when it comes to the end of the budget year.   

Having a strong relationship with your resellerwho understands all your schools needs will benefit you immensely in the long-term. Here at Interactive Education, we pride ourselves in our knowledge andknow-how ofschools needs and wants when it comes to AV solutions.   

Weadviseto place the desired products in the order of priority. If your budget is incredibly low, there are leasing models that have the versatility to opt out of the deal if it turns outthese solutions are not tailored to your school.We provide a leasing model thatmeans you can pay monthly if budgets are tight!   

Here at Interactive Education, we are also providing a 'Buy NowPay Later’ scheme. So, if your budgets are tight andyou are in desperate need of a product or software; you can buy it and pay us when your new budget comes in! Saving you stress is what we do, and during these unprecedented times, we only wish to makes things easier for you.   

Alternatively, if you have extra moneyat the end of your budget year, we provideGenee Credits. What are Genee Credits? Genee Credits are used to purchase apps from the Genee App Store; software or Genee products! 

1 Genee Credit is equivalent to £1! / 1 Genee Credit = £1 

Genee provides a service where you can bank this year's budget.So,if youre worried about losing the remainingbudget or wasting iton unnecessary things, then thisis perfect for you.With your leftover budget you can purchase Genee credits which you can later use to buy Apps from the Genee App Store or other Genee Products such as a Touchscreen,Visualisersor Genee software.   

We support Genee and has found that this to be one of the best ideas tomaximiseyour budget moving forward.Whether you budget is tight or you have room for flexibility, we are here for you and all your needs.    

Your school can thenanalysethe positives and negatives of each ICT approach and consider how well it suits your goals. Overall, when adopting an ICT plan, considerhow and why new investments will lead to the overall strategic goalsand resolve the pressure points of your institution, both now and in the future.   

Are you going to be using any of the above to maximise your budget? Let us know!

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