University of Law Case Study

University of Law Case Study. 

We have been working with the University of Law for the past Years to create a solution for their AV requirements. With multiple campus’ all over the UK, University of Law was looking for large format interactive displays that would enhance teaching and future-proof their classrooms. 

University of law wanted an all-in-one service provider who would support the university with all AV needs and requirements. With this, they wanted the ability to bring in the latest technology to aid teachers with delivering lectures, and students to share and engage in their lessons.  

We installed the G-Touch® Plus 86” range of touchscreens as they are the leading UK manufacturer of interactive touchscreens and would meet the requirements needed. They also required document cameras that would give them the ability to share students work on the interactive displays. For this, we added Genee Vision 4200FHD Visualisers as they seamlessly integrate with the G-Touch screens®.

In some of the larger classrooms, we also installed dual screens and audio system to ensure all students would be able to see and hear the lesson taking place.  

With multi-casting features, lecturers will have no worry in showing their class whats on the screen; no matter how far away they are. You can simply use this feature so all students with a laptop or tablet can see the screen on their device!  

The Genee screen sharing app allows teachers and students to connect their laptop, smartphone or tablet straight to the G-Touch® without any cables. This feature is a great way in making lessons engaging and great for spatial and interpersonal learning. The built-in app also lets you annotate over the shared screen and share more than one device at a time.

MDM solutions - Mobile Device Management - life is made simple by our use of MDM solutions - there is no need for you to individually turn off all screens, that can be done all at once! Theres also no need for us to come in and update your software, we can do that remotely, meaning theres no hassle for you!  

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