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Children can enjoy a range of Mathematical & English activities in a variety of game-based and colourful environments! Includes quiz, draw & paint, spellings, number grids, matching games, word search, addition, subtraction, multiplication and more. With no installation required, Learn Hub can easily be shared via the cloud.

What makes Learn Hub unique?

Learn Hub activities can be customised and configured by the teacher to meet any level or topic of work. This means Learn Hub can be applied to any subject and different difficulty levels, based on the individual student. Thanks to the easy to use configurator, teachers can create bespoke Learn Hub activities within minutes.

Learn Hub can be used in two ways.

The free version allows for pre-set activities and the paid version allows teachers to create their own activities. For more information on how this works, please contact an Interactive Education specialist.

To see a brief introduction of how Learn Hub works, watch the video below!


Darts Maths

Darts Maths is an interactive educational software, which helps children to acquire basic mathematical knowledge and develop their abilities, through a digital dartboard.

The aim of this programme is to encourage interactive learning in a practical and stress free educational environment. Applicable to use with children in different stages of development and provides equal opportunities focusing on unique and individual improvement.

Using the Darts Maths for 15 minutes 3 times a week saw students have a 15% increase in four areas; logical problems, sequencing problems, counting ability and basic operation.

For a free trial of Darts Maths, please click here.

For the full version, or more details contact us on 01902 422300 or email us on Sales@interactive-education.co.uk

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