What to look for when purchasing a touch screen for education


Here at Interactive Education Solutions, we know how difficult it is to pick out the right touch screen for your classroom. A lot of AV experts will advise you on different needs and wants, which, lets be honest, can confuse you even more!  

So, we have created a simple list of what we think are the main requirements when purchasing a touch screen for education.  

What is your budget? Before you begin making your buying decision, this is the first question you should address. Its not as simple as it first seems, however. The touch screen with the lowest possible price is usually chosen by schools, but this approach can be short-sighted. Associated costs can drive up the price, and 9 times out of 10, it becomes more expensive than any of the others! You also may not receive the required support or warranty.  

So be sure to look for screens that include these associated costs! 

 The next question on everyones mind is size. The size of the room should dictate the size of your screen. The screen should be big enough to ensure that students are able to see the screen clearly at the back of the class and from different angles. At Interactive Education, we make sure that the screens we provide come in a range of sizes to fit all classroom sizes.   

 Multi-touch interaction. This is key when youre wanting students to work together! If students are going to be working around the device in groups, then a higher number of multi-touches is required. And whats the point in having multi-touch interaction without the software? Many manufactures do not create their own software, and this makes It difficult to find software that is compatible with their screens. Our biggest tip when buying a touchscreen is to ensure it has interactive software included 

Having the activities software that use multi-touch means youre getting the most for your money!  

 Another necessity when it comes to touch screens are the accessories that come with it. Do they have a built-in computer? Are you having the screen on a trolley or are you mounting it onto the wall? Does it need to be on  Hi-Low Wall Mount that gives you the flexibility of moving the screen if needed If you have a Visualiser, ensuring that it is able to easily connect to the touch screen, is a given. 

Along with this, having enough AV Inputs and Outputs means connecting these pieces of equipment becomes so much easier. Is your current PC going to connect to the screen directly? Are you currently using any other educational hardware that needs to work with your new touchscreen?  

 Another main point to consider is whether training is included. This is key to get the most of the technology. Ensuring there is a PDP program and the right people deliver it. At Interactive Education, we work with companies such as Genee, who have their in-house training delivered by staff, that are experts in the program. During these unprecedented times, physical training is proving to be difficult; therefore, virtual training is always available.  

Ultimately, buying a touch screen is like making any other big purchase - lots of research and thought is needed. Here at Interactive Education Solutions, we are happy to help in any way we can. We understand that this may seem like a lot, but as a Solutions Provider, we can ensure that the best screens are those that have everything you need - at no extra cost too! We work closely with Genee, BenQ and Iiyama to sell the best touch screens with all the above requirements. Which means your research is completed by us! 

 You can find their products on our website or if you would like to talk to one of our educational consultants please  use the online chat feature or call us on  01902 422300 


What touchscreens do you currently use in your classroom?

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